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  1. Again, to clarify for readers, this commenter implies that she knows the identity of the hunter. Neither Cheryl Alexander or FOCUS knows the identity of the hunter, and there is no intention to suggest that the hunter is any particular person. We ask that people not speculate on this website about the identity of the hunter who killed Takaya.
  2. To clarify for readers, this commenter implies that he knows the identity of the hunter (based on his reference to the social media posts of a particular person). In fact, neither Cheryl Alexander or FOCUS knows the identity of the hunter and there is no suggestion that it is any particular person.
  3. Notice to readers of these comments: The last two comments have been posted from the same IP address. FOCUS requests that commenters who post multiple comments identify themselves with a consistent name.
  4. What a remarkable coincidence! Guest “too funny” and Guest “Trump lives in your head” have the same IP address. That is, they are likely the same person. Guests are welcome to make multiple comments, but please use a consistent username, otherwise all but one of your comments will be removed.
  5. A recommendation to readers: Please contact Saul Arbess via this website if you would like to make a donation to help the blockades at Fairy Creek. Use the "Contact Us" button below.
  6. until
    Luke Ramsey: Real Cloud September 12 - 26 Opening Reception: September 12, 1-3 PM Artist in Attendance Madrona Gallery is pleased to announce "Real Cloud", a solo exhibition of works by Luke Ramsey Artist Statement: The show is titled "Real Cloud." The premise stems from considering dependencies on the digital cloud - uploading data, messages, photos, and art, while considering that real clouds don't store large amounts of data in the same way. A real cloud may store a moment of visual data, but clouds change and evolve and don't need servers. I like to approach my
  7. until
    Fringe Mini Celebration August 26 - 30 In July we announced that we had made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Victoria Fringe Festival. This has been a year like no other, and we couldn’t let a summer go by without a mini celebration of the Fringe to bring us together, share some great memories, and be entertained – and it’s all FREE! As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. We are stirring up a fresh batch of Fringey lemonade August 26 to 30. We hope you'll jo
  8. Posted August 13, 2020 Image: Dr Tim Takaro's treetop camp, intended to delay Trans Mountain construction. Pipeline opponents continue the battle from treetops and in insurance company boardrooms. Go to story
  9. July 26, 2020 Dear Premier John Horgan, Minister Doug Donaldson, Sheila Malcomson, Doug Routley, and all Members of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, Out of our deep concern for British Columbia’s old-growth forest and the species that are disappearing with them, we will go on a hunger strike until Premier John Horgan implements a ban on the logging of old growth forests across BC. The hunger strike will begin on July 27th, 2020 when we, James Darling and Robert Fuller, will stop eating. Globally, we are facing a crisis so terrifying that i
  10. Minister Donaldson's personal work history, as described on Wikipedia: "With his father working in the Royal Canadian Air Force, Doug Donaldson was born in 1957 at the Canadian Forces' Zweibrücken Air Base in Germany.[1] Donaldson completed a bachelor's degree in Biology and moved to Field, British Columbia where he worked in Yoho National Park for 8 years before leading private guided tours of the area.[2] After completing a Masters in Journalism he had numerous articles published in the Calgary Heraldand The Vancouver Sun but moved to Smithers where he wrote for a local newspaper, The Interi
  11. Submission to Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services, Budget 2021 Consultation From: Amalgamation Yes, Victoria, BC June 25, 2020 The Province of BC has constitutional responsibility for the well being of its residents. TheCommunity Charter delegates responsibility to local government for the delivery of a wide range of community services, such as water, waste and recycling collection, roads, parks, public safety, etc. However, the Province still retains a vested interest as to how well these obligations are delivered at the local and regional
  12. The British Columbia Minister of Finance invited all residents of the Province to submit their thoughts and ideas on the 2021 Budget to the Select Standing Committee on Finances and Government Services. For your information, Amalgamation Yes has made the following submission on the need for governance reform in the Capital Region, and to ensure funding is provided to the upcoming Saanich—Victoria Citizens' Assembly process.
  13. If you live in Saanich with more than three roommates, you could be evicted from your home. That is straight. up. wrong. But, this week, we have a chance to fix it. For decades, students and other tenants have been evicted from their homes because of an outdated, discriminatory bylaw that prevents more than four unrelated people from living in the same dwelling. Does this bylaw seem absolutely absurd and unjust to you? We think so too. Saanich Council has proposed an amendment to Zoning Bylaw 5.20, increasing the number of unrelated people that can share a home from fou
  14. Photographed by Glen Wagner Tule Bluett observed near Dallas Road in September 2019. Go back to City of Victoria animal observations map

    © Glen Wagner

  15. Black Turnstones photographed by Allan Smith Observed on Ogden Point Breakwater in January 2020. Go back to City of Victoria animal observations map

    © Allan Smith

  16. A juvenile Red-tailed Hawk on top of a Rockland neighbourhood redwood FOCUS is undertaking a long-term project to learn what species of native plants and animals remain in the Victoria area. Our goals are two-fold. First, we want to create a Victoria-based catalogue of species and their abundance. Over time, such a record will help this community know how well, or badly, each species is faring. Secondly, we want to encourage those Victorians who are already photographing the presence of native species. We hope that by providing a public place to exhibit their photographs, they will
  17. Yes, we will open a forum for rotary clubs. We will be in touch.
  18. Thanks for your update Jim. I look forward to hearing your news and perspective on this issue as developments occur.
  19. FOCUS received the following submission from James Anderson, Chair of Amalgamation Yes, on April 18: Amalgamation Yes concerned by District of Saanich attempt to cancel or defer joint citizens' assembly amalgamation study On April 20, the District of Saanich will be discussing the cancellation or deferment of the Joint Citizens' Assembly (CA) initiative approved by both Victoria and Saanich electorate in 2018. This was a sudden and unexpected action, and a surprise to many. Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps was blindsided by the news and stated that there was much preliminary wo
  20. Thanks for the idea Gizmo. We will add forums for public interest groups. We've created one for the Grumpy Taxpayer$ and one for Amalgamation Yes. Any other suggestions?
  21. Posted May 4, 2020 Photo: Salon Modello on Cadboro Bay Road Salon Modello faces uncertainty even when allowed to re-open. Go to story
  22. admin

    Martina Edmondson

    "Tree Poems" Learn about Martina Edmondson's life and art here
  23. Posted April 22, 2020 Photo: Care aides need personal protective equipment, too. They are protecting our most vulnerable citizens and we need to provide for their needs. Go to story
  24. Posted April 21, 2020 Photo: Nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists and staff at Vancouver General Hospital ER While some are using the COVID-19 crisis to push for more privatization of medical care in Canada, the crisis demonstrates the strength of public medicare. Go to story
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