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  1. We have a fundamental problem in British Columbia, Canada, whereby the province is not living up to its constitutional obligation to look after natural resources in the public interest. The provincial government needs to re-draft legislation for all resources so that the respective statutes are subordinate to over-arching legislation for sustainability and for regional land-use planning. Professional reliance has done a good job of show-casing this fundamental problem of constitutional negligence. Now, our new provincial government must act to redress the problem -- we expect no less.
  2. Update on Martin Watts' lawsuit in the Times Colonist, Tuesday May 16, 2017: http://www.timescolonist.com/opinion/op-ed/comment-forester-pays-high-price-for-doing-honest-job-1.19956225 And in Desmog Canada, Friday May 12, 2017: https://www.desmog.ca/2017/05/12/civil-suit-alleges-b-c-blacklisting-forestry-consultant-who-warned-timber-overcutting-faulty-data
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