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  1. Last updated 3:30pm April 4. This site seems to have the most frequently updated numbers for Canada: https://ici.radio-canada.ca/info/2020/coronavirus-covid-19-pandemie-cas-carte-maladie-symptomes-propagation/
  2. Updated 6:00pm April 4. You can also view the full world count here.
  3. Last updated 6pm April 4. • As of April 4, Italy has suffered the most deaths (15,362) from the disease of any country. The rate at which new cases are being reported appears to be slowing down. • The current rate of increase in confirmed cases in the USA is much higher than Italy's has ever been (the US has 5.5 times Italy's population). Confirmed cases in the USA are at 941 per million of population. Today, Canada is at 369 cases per million. • Focus updates this information twice daily. The data in our earlier update may show a flattening of the US and Canadian curves that disappears in the end-of-day data.
  4. Last updated 3:30pm April 4. For more information see https://www.islandhealth.ca/learn-about-health/diseases-conditions/novel-coronavirus-information
  5. Last updated 3:30pm April 4. For more information see http://www.bccdc.ca/about/news-stories/stories/2020/information-on-novel-coronavirus
  6. until
    We have cancelled our public calendar until further notice from public health authorities.
  7. March-April 2020 Focus.pdf
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