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  • The Victoria Mapping Project

    Focusonvictoria.ca has begun an experiment in journalism that we're calling the Victoria Mapping Project. Using videography and other tools, we are going to ground-truth certain claims made by local governments about our region. We're starting with transportation. The video below is one of a series of half-hour- to two-hour-long assessments of pedestrian, bicycle, bus and automobile use at major Victoria intersections. To give you a quick look at the make-up of traffic through these intersections, we've sped up the videos to run 8 times faster than real time. Our analyses of mode share will be done using the videos run at actual speed. We'll compare what we observed with the analyses of mode share used by the City of Victoria and the CRD in their decision-making around transportation planning. First observation: Victorians prefer drab-coloured umbrellas. Second observation: There were as many older women using walkers crossing this intersection on this very rainy January day as there were cyclists using the protected bicycle lanes.