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Luke Ramsey: Real Cloud


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Luke Ramsey: Real Cloud
September 12 - 26
Opening Reception: September 12, 1-3 PM
Artist in Attendance
Madrona Gallery is pleased to announce "Real Cloud", a solo exhibition of works by Luke Ramsey
Artist Statement:

The show is titled "Real Cloud." The premise stems from considering dependencies on the digital cloud - uploading data, messages, photos, and art, while considering that real clouds don't store large amounts of data in the same way. A real cloud may store a moment of visual data, but clouds change and evolve and don't need servers. I like to approach my work like the flow of a cloud passing in the sky and how it can also shape itself to its environment. In most of the new work, clouds are represented as themselves, as islands, as molecules, aggregates, or patches of paint on a graffiti wall.
Luke Ramsey is internationally recognized for his art and design work. He describes his work as, "Organized chaos - a play with paradoxical themes. The content is influenced by a beautifully strange cosmos of organisms and comedy. The approach needs to feel fluid and not forced." Ramsey served as the City of Victoria's first artist in residence from 2017-2018 and his work is held in numerous private and public collections, including the permanent collection of the City of Seattle.

mage: Luke Ramsey, "Real Cloud", 30 x 24, Acrylic on Canvas 

M A D R O N A   G A L L E R Y | 606 View Street  | Victoria, B.C. V8W 1J4
T: 250.380.4660 

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Luke Ramsey - Real Cloud - 24 x 30 - AC.jpeg

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