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    Following a successful Green New Deal Town Hall in June, Transition Sooke will be hosting a Community Action Workshop to take action on climate change issues raised at the June meeting. "Sooke region residents are anxious about the impacts of climate disruption on their cherished West Coast environment, on their family's health and on the local economy,"said Susan Clarke, the coordinator of Transition Sooke's Climate Emergency Action Group. "Many members of our community have indicated that taking action reduces their anxiety and sense of powerlessness. They have also made it abundantly clear, particularly with provincial and federal inaction on climate change, that we need to take local, meaningful action as soon as possible." The morning will feature several short keynote addresses. We will break at 11-12 to enable participants to attend the Orange Shirt Day commemoration to be held in the centre of Sooke. Lunch will be provided by Transition Sooke. After lunch, we will be breaking into action tables. The action tables will focus on creating teams, hearing from a number of different resource people in the community already working on these issues, and starting to build action plans for the upcoming year. Some of the identified issues that will be discussed include rainwater harvesting, divestment from fossil fuels, local renewable energy options, ecosystem and species protection, local economic models, food security agriculture, and ideas for addressing transportation issues.
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    Toaster broken? Your favourite chair needs a new seat covering? Bicycle gears frozen? Don’t toss! Bring them to Zero Waste Sooke’s fifth Repair Café. Local volunteer repair experts will be there to help you. Bicycle over and learn how you can tune your bike for spring. Bonus: the service is free of charge. This family friendly event welcomes everyone in town to bring items for repair. Anything that is broken is fair game—lamps, hair dryers, clothes, fabrics, electronic appliances, furniture, bikes, toys, teapots and crockery included. No guarantees, but more than likely these items can be repaired. Learn new skills, meet your neighbours, and enjoy some coffee (or tea) and cookies. Nothing to repair? Just drop in and join the fun. “If you can carry it through the door, someone will try to help you repair it!” says Bernie Klassen of Zero Waste Sooke. “We trash mountains of stuff on this planet and it’s got to stop. Repairing items rather than junking them saves money and resources while also minimizing the C02 emissions that result from the manufacturing of their replacements.” The first Repair Café was held in Amsterdam in 2009. Since then, Repair Cafes have been popping up all around the world. Zero Waste Sooke, a working group of Transition Sooke, operates this event under license with Repair Café International. For more information, please contact Bernie Klassen at: ebklassen@gmail.com
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