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  1. The Capital Region’s population is expected to grow to 442,000 in the next 20 years. Where are we going to put everyone? ON NOVEMBER 23, 2016 a majority of the Capital Regional District directors agreed that it was time to accept the long-time-coming new Regional Growth Strategy. The Province requires regional districts to have one of these planning guides, but it also insists that it be unanimously endorsed by each of the affected municipalities and electoral districts involved. So it’s not done yet, and in fact indications are that some municipalities—likely the Highla
  2. The quest for affordable housing Leslie Campbell’s article in Focus [September/October 2016] presents an excellent examination of an issue critical for Victoria residents, Canadians, and many around the globe. While the gap between incomes and housing costs has grown exponentially, particularly over the past two decades, having a roof over one’s head, although a necessity, is not available to over 235,000 of our fellow citizens across the country. Although the United Nations has recognized that access to decent, secure and affordable housing is a fundamental human right, this has never b
  3. A community force for truth, beauty and justice. WHEN MY FRIEND DIANE CARR was asked late in August by a Hospice nurse if she had any hobbies, she asked right back, “Is hell-raising a hobby?” Diane was the best type of hell-raiser. She did it in the name of community, of righteousness, of art and friendship. Unfortunately, Diane died on September 1, at age 75, after a very short struggle with pancreatic cancer. I was honoured to be one of Diane Carr’s many close friends. She had a knack for getting to know people and then sticking with them over the years, alway
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