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    The One Take Super 8 Event

    Announcing Vancouver Island’s first-ever One Take Super 8 Event! The One Take Super 8 Event began in 2000 in Regina SK, and since then it has inspired the creation and screening of over 1,000 films in 50 locations around the world! Purchase your advance tickets now for the screening event on April 5th, 2019! See the premiere of new Super 8 films created by: Amy Anderson • Sonya Chwyl • Trent Peek • Michelle Frey • Daniel Melchior • Josephine Gaffney • Deanna Milligan • Jaroslav Kott • Jon Krugel • Grady Lawlor • Stephen King • Jessica Beach • Stephen Grebanier • Kohl Fast • Amy Smith • Claire Robertson • Steven Toleikis • Carmelle Lemaistre • Tyson Laidler • Justin Foran • Marina Glassford • Dylan Moore • Kemi Craig • Matthew Garcia And stick around after the screening for a short reception to launch our 7th annual Short Circuit film festival. The One Take Super 8 Event Friday April 5, 2019 7:00pm Metro Studio Theatre (1411 Quadra St.) $5 admission Purchase advance tickets on Eventbrite >> presented by
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    CineVic’s 6th annual Short Circuit: Pacific Rim Film Festival will feature the best short films from around the Pacific region. With films from Victoria BC, New Zealand, Korea, and Mexico, it's the best way to experience a variety of films without leaving the CRD! Date: May 4 + 5 Advance Tickets Available on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/short-circuit-pacific-rim-film-festival-tickets-44605554414 For more details visit ShortCircuitFilmFestival.com