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  1. I am a practitioner of Chinese medicine and I have treated shingles very successfully as any acupuncturist or Chinese herbalist would. Even difficult cases can be treated with TCM fast and effectively. The Chicken Pox can leave behind "latent" pathogen just like in Modern medicine we believe the virus can be present in the body just go into non active mode till a potential outbreak.
    In TCM it attacks exactly along the path of Shao Yang channel which belongs to Gall Bladder and Triple Warmer acupuncture channel. By using specific points in that channel and formulas, such as for example Xiao Chai Hu Tang, or its modification, the disease can be completely cured. It is done so, without the controversial vaccine, utilizing the body's own healing ability. It often makes me sad, and i feel overwhelmed seeing the task ahead,of public education almost impossible to achieve. Especially if the shingles treatment in TCM is not yet known to the medical society and the public.  This and many other benefits of Chinese medicine can completely surpass modern medicine and it can be such a great complement in our modern reality. One of my teachers, Ikeda Sensei, predicted the Bird Flue, N1H1, and others and mentioned that those formulas that come from Shan Han Lun's (142-220 AD by Zhang Zhong Jing, Treatise of Cold Disease)  will still work for those modern epidemics when applying the knowledge in TCM pathology of meridians and syndromes correctly. Such a heritage and chance to help public health we have in our reach. We just need to be open, and not prejudiced, against other medical systems.
    I enjoy reading your articles in Focus. I feel your work is a very much ground work of public awareness and healthy criticism of current medical system in our community. Thank you.
    Dr. Katrine B. Hegillman Dr. TCM, BSc. R.Ac.
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