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  • Artist Statement: Triumph of Light

    Gillian Redwood

    New series of acrylic paintings by Gillian Redwood with solo guitar soundscape by Caelen LaRocque.


    GILLIAN REDWOOD IS A VISUAL ARTIST and educator with a working studio in Victoria. Born in Wales, Redwood studied Art & Design at Cardiff College of Art and the West of England College of Art in the UK. She developed a successful art career leading to the creation of a Studio Gallery in the renowned St Ives arts community in Cornwall, England.

    Immigrating to Canada in 2004 Redwood painted and marketed her work in a Studio Gallery in Nakusp, BC before moving to Victoria in 2012. The west coast brought new strength to her creative life. She became a Studio Member of Xchanges Gallery & Studios and has exhibited five major solo exhibits at the Martin Batchelor Gallery, Gage Gallery and Xchanges Gallery.

    Redwood has been an invited artist for ArtsALive Oak Bay, Artist in Residence at the Hotel Grand Pacific for two seasons, and in June and July 2020 Artist in Residence at the Union Club of British Columbia in Victoria. During 2020, seven large canvases were displayed at the Bowker Penthouse Show Suite in Oak Bay.


    About this exhibit

    I realize that a spiritual path has been weaving through my creative work for many years. It is only now that I see it and celebrate its presence.

    “Triumph of Light” presents two aspects of change: the triumph of new light and new growth as winter turns towards spring; and the triumph of truth over injustice and subversion. Many people have been overwhelmed by the tragedies unfolding over the past year and several of my paintings in this exhibit reflect that duality: the darkness of the season and the restrictive loss of personal liberty.



    “The Apple Tree,”  acrylic on canvas, 44 x 48 inches, by Gillian Redwood


    As spring approaches the perfume of an apple tree in bloom combined with a cascade of pink and white flowers gives the presence of the divine. This land is indeed blessed, and we can bathe in a view of abundance. There are times when the magic of a place, the mystery of a particular scent or colour pervades the senses.

    Along the coast of Victoria and still in the district of Fairfield, Gonzales Bay delivers a long stretch of sand. The tide retreats leaving eddies and shallow pools where seabirds forage for grubs and skim the water surface searching for food. A seagull stirs up invertebrates and other small marine life paddling with its feet. Around 6 pm the light is soft and warm, giving a pink glow to the rocks and islands along the shoreline.



    “Seagull,”  pastel on paper sketch, 14 x 17 inches, by Gillian Redwood


    It is moments like these that are captured by a series of pastel sketches, and these form exploratory mark-making before painting. The sketches give colour and substance to a scene, and my memory provides the emotional and sensory aspects of breezes, scents, sounds and misty dampness.



    “Grain of Mustard Seed,” acrylic on canvas, 44 x 48 inches, by Gillian Redwood


    Caelen LaRocque has created an audio track to support the visual aspect of this exhibit. Solo acoustic guitar ebbs and flows with wildlife and environmental sounds to create an atmospheric soundscape.

    Triumph of Light will open on Saturday, April 3rd 11am - 4pm and continues Saturday and Sunday 11am - 4pm through April 18 at Xchanges Gallery, 2333 Government Street. Private viewing can be arranged during weekdays.

    There will be an online Artist Talk on Saturday, April 10 at 3:30pm. Register for Artist Talk Zoom link here.

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