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A FOCUS Membership subscription allows you full access to this digital magazine devoted to serving Victoria-area citizens with in-depth news analysis, reporting and commentary on local issues and the arts by seasoned journalists. Membership means you can comment on stories, participate in forums and receive a weekly newsletter by email that alerts you to new content posted on the site. Your subscription goes directly to support our original, not-for-profit journalism—at the Victoria and Coastal region level. You will be recognized on our “Thank You” page (if desired). FOCUS itself is a community. Please join us.


A FOCUS Friend subscription provides you with full membership privileges, including being able to comment on stories and forums, get the newsletter, be recognized on our “Thank You” page, and know that you are helping FOCUS build serious, local journalism by committed, independent, truth-seeking writers. The more who join as ongoing Friends, the more quality journalism we can provide Victorians through this community hub. Please call if you’d like to discuss a different monthly amount than noted here: 250-388-7231.

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