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Poetry Launch with Yvonne Blomer & Guests


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Water is a life force, a sacred substance that has never been more endangered. Join us for an evening of eco-conscious poetry as Yvonne Blomer launches Sweet Water, a collection that explores its title subject with urgency and beauty. Within these pages, poets mourn the bodies of water we have lost and celebrate the life it continues to sustain. Edited by one of Victoria’s most celebrated authors, these poems show how we all flow in the same current—and how some of us must swim against it to save what we have left.

With readings by:
Maleea Acker, John Barton, Lee Beavington, Nicholas Bradley, Michelle Brown, Karen Chester, Heather Fraser, Rhonda Ganz, Rhona McAdam, Barbara Pelman, & Christine Schrum

Free to attend. Doors open at 6:30pm.


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