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  1. I trust that our government will handle this "mink crisis" in the same robust fashion as it handled Site "C"....? As an aside, Leslie, the very first letter to the editor I had posted some 60 years ago was in Maclean's Magazine - and was on this very topic of fur "farming". The essence of the letter said it wasn't needed then, and (if anything) it sure isn't needed now!
  2. How many people though, would vote Green, if neither the NDP nor Liberals can do the job?
  3. How about "pulling the wool over a generally disinterested public's eyes"? Doesn't "roll off the tongue" especially well, bit I consider it accurate...
  4. Reality dictates that ALL user-of-otherwise-"renewable"-resources be halted, so the environment can restore itself. This means ALL fishing & logging (commercial and otherwise). An indicator of the success of this quasi-prohibition will be when the size of that salmon in the above pic becomes more common than not.......
  5. We DO have many "quaint" notions about our body parts and functions......
  6. Pre-manufactured homes can save as much as 25% of what would otherwise be termed "waste" - rather than "on site" construction..... Thanks!
  7. Pre-manufactured homes can save as much as 25% of what would otherwise be termed "waste" - rather than "on site" construction..... Thanks!
  8. From that link: "Once there, they wreak havoc, causing cancers, heart attacks, lung disease, strokes, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease. They even increase the risk of permanent blindness." Seems that the only real "defense" against PM would be a healthy immune system, until such times as the elimination of Fine Particulate Matter can be effectively addressed?
  9. So -- the BCNDP government has continued to show it's warts. Is this still a surprise to anyone?
  10. I speak very poor English, sorry. Me too, it's been 20 years that I suffer from an impossible sexuality whereas it worked well at 17 years old. I only found this information about the PSSD a few days ago. When I spoke of deroxat, no one believed me. Where are we in France? Everything I can find is in English ... Good luck everyone! Can always us an English-to-French translator, such as I did above.
  11. Keep coming up with excuses, if that's what make you feel better. But can anyone answer this: have we reached a tipping point, beyond which there are no "solutions" beyond hellfire and damnation?
  12. IMO, the average person looks at a landscape, that, unless it was bombed to oblivion, appears to be "normal" regardless of the alterations it went through. A good example might be when Champlain was sailing over to the "new world", he remarked that, such were the number and size of the cod that it actually impeded the progress of his ship. I doubt any of us today could even visualize that. Same goes for Yellowstone before wolves. The average visitor would see a "complete" landscape.
  13. IMO, absolutely no thought given to environmental matters, except as fillers for election promises - and quite possibly for license fees (revenue). But they either have no idea of the interconnectedness of the animal and plant world, or they just don't care, because it "interferes" with the exploitation of same. The simple example of the results of the Yellowstone Park remediation completely escapes their antediluvian notions.
  14. The Industrial Growth Society is very shortsighted and disposable. It would do to keep that in mind whenever any of them expound on how "green" and "environmentally responsible" their processes are.....
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