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  1. I speak very poor English, sorry. Me too, it's been 20 years that I suffer from an impossible sexuality whereas it worked well at 17 years old. I only found this information about the PSSD a few days ago. When I spoke of deroxat, no one believed me. Where are we in France? Everything I can find is in English ... Good luck everyone! Can always us an English-to-French translator, such as I did above.
  2. Keep coming up with excuses, if that's what make you feel better. But can anyone answer this: have we reached a tipping point, beyond which there are no "solutions" beyond hellfire and damnation?
  3. IMO, the average person looks at a landscape, that, unless it was bombed to oblivion, appears to be "normal" regardless of the alterations it went through. A good example might be when Champlain was sailing over to the "new world", he remarked that, such were the number and size of the cod that it actually impeded the progress of his ship. I doubt any of us today could even visualize that. Same goes for Yellowstone before wolves. The average visitor would see a "complete" landscape.
  4. IMO, absolutely no thought given to environmental matters, except as fillers for election promises - and quite possibly for license fees (revenue). But they either have no idea of the interconnectedness of the animal and plant world, or they just don't care, because it "interferes" with the exploitation of same. The simple example of the results of the Yellowstone Park remediation completely escapes their antediluvian notions.
  5. The Industrial Growth Society is very shortsighted and disposable. It would do to keep that in mind whenever any of them expound on how "green" and "environmentally responsible" their processes are.....
  6. As soon as provisions exist, lawyers will see to it, being the prostitutes that they are, that loopholes abound. So I say a resounding "NO"! As far as jobs go, this wouldn't be the first time corporate caused mass job extinctions.
  7. In other words, we have to BAN logging and mining! There can really be no so-called "middle ground".
  8. I noticed that NONE bothered to look at what this keystone species did to rejuvenate Yellowstone Park. Who could imagine that 31 wolves could act to stabilize the course of rivers, build up the beaver population, so that their dams allowed moose (one species that these "hunters" yearn for) populations to thrive, and myriad other good, better, best that, had human attempted to duplicate, would cost billions - and not be as effective as wolves are by just "doing their thing". But having said that, these wolf killers have the support of our provincial NDP government, because the latter is do
  9. Ever given some thought that logging/mining might be causing an unbalance? No, of course not - or you would be lobbying to get logging/mining outlawed so the moose can replenish themselves.
  10. Welcome to John Horgan's BC, Leslie! There are some bizarre notions floating around "out there", left over from the previous eras, that the NDP have not bothered to bring up to date. But, one way or another, it all has to do with our clearcut practices, especially of old growth, where the mosses the mountain caribou eat. This in turn (and for some unfathomable reason) leads to the notion that killing off cow moose and calves will bring back the caribou. But in the meantime, the wolves must be "kept under control". In my opinion, none of the bureaucrats and politicians give a damn, fixated as t
  11. I "like" the way the medical profession has ways of "passing the buck" when it comes to so-called "side effects" - especially side effects that are (for all intents and purposes) permanent. There should be consequences for some or all, along the line from manufacturer to medical professional. No wonder there are so many doubts about the long-term efficacy of Covid vaccines......
  12. Too many killers "out there" - in North America - ensures that the wolf will go extinct - and I imagine most wolf killers responding here will cheer. Most of them are likely climate deniers as well - too simple-minded to see any connections beyond the end of their rifle barrel. So what if roads make it easier for wolves to catch food. Stop making roads! Who cares if per fluffy get eaten by a wolf. Keep the little varmints indoors! So what if store-bought meat tastes like crap. Demand better grades! Shmucks!
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