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  1. How is the soil quality in the forest lands? Generally, I would say it's somewhat in the nature of Amazon forest quality - poor, and in need of remediation to host another generation of trees.
  2. It's classic "emperor's new clothes"......
  3. Open you eyes! What is the matter with people like you who are nothing but vectors for Covid? Close it all down - just like the nightclubs Bonnie Henry has done - and suck it up! A few months and you are going "stir-crazy?" Pathetic.....
  4. Why don't you just call it fibre supply? And why cannot people see (literally) the forest for the trees.
  5. But why? "Fibre" is available from other sources, especially such products as hemp. What is the reluctance to use this fast-growing plant for everything from toilet paper to biomass conversion?
  6. It's called "The Big Con", short and bittersweet! Goes with the "hocus pocus" of courts and lawyers (shysters) and corporate shenanigans. It can all ne lumped under Duckspeak (than you Mr. Orwell!) And Mr. Almo - please rebut by all means! Tell me why any commercial logging should not outlawed (for want of a better word)
  7. I cannot understand why so much relies on the assumption that we are all "honorable people" - and thus we put in exceptions to this and that which become noting more than loopholes. Shut the commercial forest biz down completely! It can resume after 100 years are so......
  8. Seems to be a certain accuracy to the hoary old saying "Haste Makes Waste". So what exactly IS this haste to a wasteland? Why has Horgan dismissed so many promises regarding the "green" aspect of his campaign, essentially carrying on the BC Liberal's "rip 'n' strip agenda? Are the province's books in such dire shape that we must sell the very dirt beneath our feet? And what is the point if (as Mr. Broadland mentioned) the province cannot make a profit? And why are so many old growth trees being used for something as mundane as toilet paper? https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/gya893/americans-are-literally-flushing-canadas-forests-down-the-toilet
  9. Question(s): How accurate are the present covid-testing procedures? Are they 100%? If so, why bother restricting two or more people getting together without the dubious "necessity" of shields and masks? Or is the point more for the convenience of the bureaucrats - while thousands of kids are about to plunge into the proverbial cauldron of the school system, sans many unanswered questions and concerns, not only by parents, but teachers and healthcare professionals? It appears that kids are worth taking a chance with, whereas seniors are stacked like cordwood, waiting to die (from anything other than Covid 19)?
  10. No matter what platitudes expound about "recovery" & "short-terrm" etc. please be advised that homelessness is inexorably on the increase, as "precarious work" becomes more the norm than the exception. It will become a permanent state, if we chose not to restructure society.
  11. I noticed that the Fraser Institute says it would take 10 years (until 2030) to bring the work down to four days/week. Mostly out of curiosity, I wonder how long the FI would attach should the proposition to expand the work week to 44 hours (where at one time was "the norm")? Shucks, in my own youth, that was the standard work week. When that was reduced to 40 hours, I was "dismayed" to find out that I lost four hours pay a week!
  12. It's called "rape and pillage". Can't get much simpler than that. And all governments are in collusion, at least since the decision was made to de-industrialize this country......
  13. Virtually everyone I have talked to doe not express much enthusiasm for a green recovery. Most think "FUBAR", or such desperation that we'll go back to "normal", if only for a little while to get a handle on things - which leads to same old, same old. Will (for example) the provincial government call an immediate halt to logging? Will Victoria call for an immediate cessation to condo construction, in a genuine effort to call a halt to population growth? Will the feds declare an immediate halt to salt-water commercial fishing, in recognition that fish stocks have become dangerously depleted? The list goes on......
  14. Complicated for sure! But it's all 'bandaid solutions', which means we'll never get a handle on the root causes. Bruce Alexander's "Rat Trap" ( https://thewalrus.ca/2007-12-health/ ) indicates that we'd have to revamp our entire social structure - which isn't going to happen - even though there are enough indicators "out there" (courtesy of the pandemic) that more than heavily suggests what we have to begin doing.
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