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  1. Not many do then - because governments will never admit to such. In fact they are depending on this misconception to (as I said) "to make up the shortfall": The Bank of Canada—which determines monetary policy and manages financial services for the federal government—is the only institution that can print money. However, the chartered banks can also create money by issuing loans (and noting the amount in a ledger), whether they have the money in reserve or not Smacks of inflation, like the proverbial wheelbarrow of cash to buy a loaf of bread.....
  2. Regarding Vancouver Island's "good luck" in having relative few cases of Covid, is it dumb luck, or astute planning and precautions? I haven't noticed any particular precautions by the general public until recently, when it seems more customers are putting on masks when grocery shopping, etc. That, and the lack of riots/demonstrations in the streets...... Or, is our turn coming.....
  3. Except I doubt that fact will stop governments from adding taxes wherever they can "to make up the shortfall".
  4. We all seem to be "climate crisis deniers" when we don't stop turning on the tap several times a day, turning on the heat so we needn't wear a sweater.....ir needn't be deeper than that.
  5. I was "forced" to watch 3 hours of kid shows when my 7 year old grand daughter commandeered the remote. To sum the entire 3 hours up, the emphasis was on money uber alles. Rich people get this - poor people get nothing, etc. That about sums up the municipalities that make up the Saanich Peninsula, and it appears the next generation is being indoctrinated........
  6. Yet, we "overwhelmingly" put a government back into power which is in large part both directly and indirectly responsible for the less - the latter "because the Liberals when in power made me do it", and the former because the NDP socialist roots demand that the workers own the means of production - and not at all that no one should own the means of production......
  7. Canada is so intertwined with US that we cannot begin to "fix them first" -especially considering that the "Great Leap Backwards" was initiated by Mulroney (Why should we make it when we can buy it)
  8. ALR regulations that stipulate any housing must be necessary for farm use, the idea foundered. If the residents work the land as part of their therapy, how does this affect the ALR missive? Complete bollix! Tell the good citizens of Central Saanich to put it where the sun don't shine. We all must be prepared to "make sacrifices" in a national crisis......and the opioid epidemic IS a national crisis!
  9. How is the soil quality in the forest lands? Generally, I would say it's somewhat in the nature of Amazon forest quality - poor, and in need of remediation to host another generation of trees.
  10. It's classic "emperor's new clothes"......
  11. Open you eyes! What is the matter with people like you who are nothing but vectors for Covid? Close it all down - just like the nightclubs Bonnie Henry has done - and suck it up! A few months and you are going "stir-crazy?" Pathetic.....
  12. Why don't you just call it fibre supply? And why cannot people see (literally) the forest for the trees.
  13. But why? "Fibre" is available from other sources, especially such products as hemp. What is the reluctance to use this fast-growing plant for everything from toilet paper to biomass conversion?
  14. It's called "The Big Con", short and bittersweet! Goes with the "hocus pocus" of courts and lawyers (shysters) and corporate shenanigans. It can all ne lumped under Duckspeak (than you Mr. Orwell!) And Mr. Almo - please rebut by all means! Tell me why any commercial logging should not outlawed (for want of a better word)
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