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  1. While David's insights ring so true it dosen't change the fact that in Canada as well as in the USA we no longer operate under a democracy but Oligarchy's whose sole job is too make more money for the wealthy and businesses even at the expense of lying about what is going on. The lying and non-truth telling is so prevalent at every single detail all of David's data here will just be trivialzed down to inaccuracies. Ironically we have a chief forester in BC who is licensed and the head of ethics for all resource government employees. In addition, after the NDP's Professional Reliance Review pap
  2. Canada’s resources management practices are a disgrace to the country and the whole world. Last week the Forest Pratices Board audit found the Compliance & Staff in forestry have no tools to actually do anything of value because it was designed not to pester forestry companies . To let them simply police themselves. Awesome
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