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  1. The CBC and mainstream coverage of Fairy Creek is very weak. Thank you for putting your feet in the service of trees and truth!
  2. The whole Clayoquot Summer protests, and the protection of Meares Island, did not slow the pace of logs coming out of Clayoquot Sound by so much as one stick. They just ramped up production elsewhere. This winter I watched a log barge as big as a cruise ship stagger by with a whole forest in it from the Cypre River.
  3. Any chance we can get you installed as Chief Forester for BC? The post seems to be pretty vacant at this time...
  4. Hi Susan - great point. I call those "Blood 2x4s". There are many alternative suppliers, like Live Edge near Duncan.
  5. Suzanne Simard's new book Finding The Mother Tree points out that Life is a complex series of "reciprocal relationships", where "competition" and "cooperation" are blended in a very complex weave. That leads me to think that this Unlikely Allies group are on the right track. We need to all work together, like Proportional Representation, where all parties sit at the same table, and find common ground, and move forward on that.
  6. Beautiful article. Left me with a haunting image of people laying the bodies of their families onto funeral pyres, and being so broken, the survivors just couldn't come back. It must have been a shattering experience. My heart goes out to them.
  7. Dear Lynne, thank you so much for your kind words, which, after a tough week at Fairy Creek, went down like a tall glass of cool, clear water. (That's partially a Joni Mitchell line. I like to learn from the best!) If you wish to come to Fairy Creek to visit some Mother Trees, I would happily arrange "safe passage" for you, out of range of the conflict. You can email me at thelorax@execulink.com You could visit River Camp for the 6:00 evening circle, and walk in the forest. Your presence would be a great gift, tree climbing or no! Another alternative, is a group of elders from Victoria plannin
  8. The forest scientist takes us deep into the forest to learn its many startling and wise lessons. IF YOU COULD HOP IN A TIME MACHINE and find yourself in the orchard with Sir Isaac Newton, watching that apple drop, would you go? Billionaires can dream, but the beauty of books is that we can share the journey of scientists making great discoveries while they happen. Forest scientist Dr Suzanne Simard (photograph by Brendan Ko) Suzanne Simard’s Finding The Mother Tree tells the story of her discovery of how trees talk to each other. Trees also commun
  9. Myth #1: Everybody needs to be born into a lifetime of Utility Debt. In their lifetimes, most people will pay $70,000 for hydro. And their children. And their children. Forever. By putting 12-16 solar panels on their roof, every homeowner in BC could generate their own annual consumption, which would reduce their energy footprint 50%+, (which is our societal goal to stop global warming), and free them from paying for hydro. Forever.
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