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  1. "... four homes (22%) to fall under the CRD's price restrictive program..." 22% sounds pretty good, but when you add up the square footage of two small 1-bedroom units situated over 4 parking spaces, and two 3-bedroom units, it amounts to 16% of the entire project's space as 'affordable'. Some form of multiplex centred on the bare area, where the large heritage house and outbuildings once stood, could save most of the 18 Bylaw-Protected Trees, planned for removal. And, as the townhouses have no yard of their own–currently there is one 15 x 20' designated play space on the property–it would give families room to play and appreciate their natural surroundings.
  2. Thanks for writing this. The loss of trees in Victoria is very concerning. What's it going to take for the City to wake up and realize that we are losing our tree canopy, which is not only beautiful but is home and food for birds, mammals, and pollinators. Trees are our #1 weapon in fighting climate change.
  3. The current proposal for 902 Foul Bay requests the removal of 29 trees. 21 of them are Bylaw-Protected, including 7 Garry Oaks and the 2 iconic Copper Beech trees estimated to be 100 years old (based on their presence on a 1928 aerial photo, available on VicMaps). The arborist's Tree Resource Spreadsheet for 902 Foul Bay includes remarks about dead tree limbs, etc, but as the property has passed through the hands of several investors, there has been no evidence of any tree care. It is concerning when lack of property maintenance appears to support tree removal. The developer's most recent landscape scheme includes a significant number of "native" plants and trees which are not native to this region. As the re-introduction of native plants serves to support a development proposal, this is a concern. Furthermore, there are three illustrations submitted, such as the one above showing the view from of the southeast aspect of the lot, where a large tree is shown adjacent to the east bank of townhouses. That tree does not exist. Two other illustrations show large trees which appear to provide screening for neighbours to the north, where in fact, they are indicated for removal. A multi-unit development could take advantage of the large open space where the heritage house was positioned. Many mature trees could be retained--trees which are vital in mitigating effects of climate change, provide food and shelter for wildlife, and support the health and well-being of citizens.
  4. I had the pleasure of working with Gerald Harris and his Bowker Creek team for several years. It was exciting to see the results of native plant restoration and was inspired to start a Garry oak meadow restoration project in my own neighbourhood. I hope to see salmon return to Bowker Creek in my lifetime. Keep up the good work Gerald!
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