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  1. Posted November 16, 2020 Image: Fairy Creek Valley looking north A blockade that stopped construction of a logging road into Fairy Creek Valley near Port Renfrew needs public support to keep the valley pristine. Go to story
  2. A brief history of the Fairy Creek Blockade JOSHUA WRIGHT is a 17-year-old filmmaker from Olympia, Washington with an irrepressible passion for protecting the little that is left of the old-growth temperate rainforests. He has handy access to a state-of-the-art digital mapping program that allows him to track and monitor industrial logging activities in near-real time. In late July this year, he gave a heads-up to Vancouver Island veteran grassroots forest activist grandmother Eartha Muirhead of a road-building crew subcontracted to Surrey-based logging company and TFL 46 tenure-h
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