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  1. Two artists collaborate on a thought-provoking fibre art project inspired by the COVID virus image, but also by travel, escape, joy, and play. (Did you know Unravel and ravel both mean: “to cause to come apart by or as if by separating the threads of”? Laura Feeleus (left) and Elizabeth Carefoot work on "Ravel" A joint statement from the two artists: THE FIBRES THAT WE USE are mainly old and second-hand, worn thin by time—thrift shop finds, discards and remainders of previous projects. Stained, then laundered, then shredded, we forget where they came from. Pr
  2. Laura Feeleus


    The Winter Solstice is the official beginning of winter and its cold and dark days. The 7 artists in this exhibition encourage us to consider the Solstice a turning point, moving toward the lighter and warmer days of spring. While each artist has a very different practice we offer art as a way forward out of darkness toward hope and regeneration. http://www.gagegallery.ca/ postcard.pdf
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