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  • March 2015


    Focus_2015-03_March.jpgMarch 2016 Focus.pdf


    4 Leslie Campbell | THE DEER QUESTION
    Living with wildlife can be a community-building project. Oak Bay chose a different path.


    14 David Broadland | PENNY-WISE, POUND-FOOLISH 
    The recommended level of seismic protection for the new bridge was secretly lowered as construction costs escalated.


    Divestment on its own won’t keep fossil fuel reserves in the ground—but it might help.


    20 Briony Penn | BC’S EXPENSIVE FISH FARMS
    The federal government seems intent on propping up corporate fish farming despite the high costs.


    24 David Broadland | McLOUGHLINISM IN RETREAT?
    In trying to save the McLoughlin Point plan, CRD staff instead shoot it in the foot.


    26 Aaren Madden | COLOURFUL HISTORIES
    Nancy Ruhl’s paintings offer vivid homage to domestic architecture while documenting a changing cityscape.


    40 Robin J Miller | FROM THE FAVELAS OF BRAZIL
    Dance Victoria brings Compagnie Käfig to the Royal Theatre, March 13 and 14.


    42 Amy Reiswig | THE ENEMY IS PINK LEGO
    Jordan Stratford’s feminist adventure story helps girls reboot their own reality.


    44 Gene Miller | WHEN I’M 164
    Past cultures were gone in a generational eye-blink. Strap in, brothers and sisters!


    46 Trudy Duivenvoorden Mitic | SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL
    A small house doesn’t have to be a compromise.

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