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    April 2015


    Focus_2015-04_April.jpgApril 2015 Focus.pdf


    Campaign finance reforms are welcome but the Province refuses to restrict donations.


    10 Murray Rankin | AN EARTH DAY MESSAGE
    Stephen Harper’s indifference to climate change could mean Canada will lose the opportunity for clean energy investment and jobs.


    12 Leslie Campbell | AT A GLANCE  
    The sewage treatment and deer cull issues.


    14 David Broadland | THE FOX IS IN THE CHICKEN HOUSE  
    Victoria City Council has been fooled again on the Johnson Street Bridge project.


    18 Katherine Palmer Gordon | SAVING GRACE
    At a March longhouse ceremony, a cabinet minister promises change, but First Nations are still wary.


    20 Judith Lavoie | PETROSTATE CLAMPDOWN
    Critics of proposed “anti-terrorism” legislation see it as part of the Conservative’s push to quell opposition to petroleum-related projects.


    Academics weigh in on the amalgamation question.


    26 Aaren Madden | A HAPPY NOTE
    Using light and shadow, technique and subject matter, Clement Kwan paints to bring joy to viewers.


    40 Monica Prendergast | PORTRAYING RACE ON STAGE
    An upcoming production of Madama Butterfly encourages discussion of how to represent race properly in theatre.


    42 Amy Reiswig | SUPER UNEQUAL BC
    Through statistics and personal stories, Andrew MacLeod delves into the realities and costs of poverty in BC.


    44 Gene Miller | VICTORIA: iCAPITAL OF CANADA?
    The task of positioning Victoria as a centre for innovation and investment demands, among other things, desire.


    46 Trudy Duivenvoorden Mitic | GOOD NEWS FOR PLODDERS
    More is not better, and actually, more could be worse, says one cardiologist.

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