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  • Teal Cedar delivers injunction to blockaders near Fairy Creek Rainforest

    Saul Arbess

    EARLY THIS MORNING, an injunction was served on forest defenders camped at four peaceful blockades near Fairy Creek. The injunction, granted April 1, was read by workers for Teal Jones logging company. This action clears the way for RCMP to begin arresting the forest defenders, as early as this afternoon.

    “We haven’t seen RCMP yet,” said Shawna Knight, a member of the group known as the Rainforest Flying Squad. However she said the group will not stand down, and expects more people will join them as they realize how dire the situation is for old-growth forests.

    The forest defenders currently have blockades at Caycuse, where it stopped active logging on Easter weekend, and at Fairy Creek, Eden, and Walbran.

    Contact: Bobby Arbess: garbanzobob@yahoo.ca, 778.700.2602

    Joshua Wright: jawright@gmail.com, 360.989.8067

    Grace Golightly: gragoli@gmail.com, 250.686.9708

    Directions to River Camp and Camp HQ (the Fairy Creek Blockade) can be found here

    Directions to Eden Camp: https://goo.gl/maps/hjGn66DYVpkm1R4D6

    Photo by Dawna Mueller



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  • The NDP's old-growth logging deferrals

    The map below shows FLNRORD's mapping of the 9 areas where logging deferrals were announced in September 2020. It also shows the intended deferral in the Central Walbran Valley, which has not been publicly announced. The mapping below shows that very little actual old-growth forest was included in the 9 deferrals that were announced. The Clayoquot deferrals includes a large part of Strathcona Park, as well as several parks in the Sound area, none of which were in any danger of being logged. Read more about this issue here.

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