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Winging-It Paintings by Lisa Lipsett


Lisa Lipsett
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Winging-It builds on Lisa Lipsett’s decades long fascination with silk moths.  In particular, the  mesmerizing eye-spotted wings and free fly ribbon-like sky drawing of Cecropia. Their beauty is timeless and wild. Their flight is spontaneous and a potent antidote to feeling pinned down. They lift the spirit.


Lisa Lipsett’s painting style is expressive and nature-based. Fascinated with the within of things, she paints the energetic signature of life. Excavated layers of unconventionally mixed and matched materials such as oil, dry pigment, gold leaf, graphite and cold wax maximize creative possibilities. Textured wings dusted with warm pink, vibrant tangerine, electric purples and cream rise up in bursts and flourishes in her images. Themes include freedom, harmony, simple beauty and belonging.


Though revered for their giant size and the beauty of their eye-spotted wings, silk moths are also challenged by habitat destruction, pesticides and over collecting. These night-flying pollinators are an important food source for many creatures, and can teach us much about the nature of self change. Lipsett’s images aim to spotlight their importance. They deserve our protection. See more images at www.lisalipsett.com

Meet the Artist Reception: May 26, 5-8pm

Show runs May 26-June 1. Open daily 10-4.


ArtSea Gallery

Tullista Park

 9565 Fifth St, Sidney, BC V8L 1T3

Edited by Lisa Lipsett

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