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Liminal - Artist Claire Crawford


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Artist statement

Using surreal compositions of flora and fauna juxtaposed within the abstract, I am interested in nature culture dualisms and other modalities of inquiry into the contradicting notion of nature and how we value place within our current world. In this latest series, Liminal, I have made more personal marks within the work than ever before, delving into the more experiential act of putting paint to canvas and releasing the work from illustrative obligations. The, at times, chaotic physicality of painting brought my body into the pieces, which created a dissolving kind of flow between myself and the painting, placing myself exactly within a liminal moment, just as these paintings are aiming to do. Within this series, birds, in various states of completion or focus  are often connected to subtle structural elements which act as a juxtaposition of natural and human made elements pulling at one another, focusing in on the distortion of landscapes, and the moment between presence and disappearance, balancing right on the brink. 


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