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Pharis & Jason with The Sweet Old Band

Event details

Pharis & Jason Romero with The Sweet Old Band (Trent Freeman on fiddle, Marc Jenkins on pedal steel and Patrick Metzger on bass). Join three-time Juno winners Pharis & Jason for an evening including songs from their newest release, Tell ‘Em You Were Gold, out now on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. This record is a testament to the musical value and sense of joy in their work. It was made in six days in Pharis & Jason’s restored barn and is built around the beauty of their banjos and the pair’s deep psychic and artistic connection. There’s conviction and delicacy – and stunning harmonies, in this music. The songs come from easy and honest places about travelling, rural life, fly fishing, and mountain air. Still, they give the listener a unique and personal experience through lyrics and instrumentals that leave space for interpretation. There’s time to become absorbed in Jason’s solo banjo meditations, delight in a full band romp, and let the songs lift you into a state of well-being. They frequently engender a desire to play the banjo, sing with another person, dig up the oldest, scratchiest record you can find, and write a song just like it.

To learn more about the making of Tell ‘Em You Were Gold, you can view the Smithsonian Folkways short documentary here.

The Victoria Events Centre show will also feature The Choir YYJ “Mini Choir” joining the band for a set of Pharis & Jason’s original songs. The larger Choir, directed by Marc Jenkins, has joined the Romeros several times before, including 2021’s locked-in version of “Bet On Love” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5o3KhcsZWQ). This upcoming special Victoria performance will include a live performance of the choir version of Bet On Love among other songs on the duo’s newest release.

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