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Powerful Words: Poetrly in the Springtime


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n April 20, 2021, at 7:00 pm via Zoom, join the Canadian Club of Victoria's members and friends for Powerful Words: Poetry in the Springtime.
The Canadian Club of Victoria’s 2021 cultural event celebrates National Poetry Month with an evening of poetry readings by Vancouver Island’s John Barton, Philip Kevin Paul, Marilyn Bowering, and Bryony Wynne-Jones.
National Poetry Month’s theme year is Resilience, and what is more resilient than spring?
In this hour-long program, Philip Kevin Paul, Marilyn Bowering, and John Barton will each offer you their take on resilience (and spring) with poems they have chosen from their own body of work. Bryony Wynne-Jones, from the Poetry Institute of Canada and Young Poets (https://poetryinstituteofcanada.ca), will read poems by young writers from across the country who have entered the literary contests that the Institute runs each year for aspiring writers.
Because of COVID-19, Powerful Words: Poetry in the Springtime will be held on Zoom, with the readers bringing spring right into your living room. Registration details will be available on the Canadian Club of Victoria’s website and Facebook on April 1, 2021
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