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    Microplastics and Marine Life Luncheon with guest speaker Rhiannon Moore, Researcher at the Ocean Wise Plastics Lab and one of Canada’s “Top 30 under 30” Sustainability Leaders It’s a challenge of immense proportion. Estimates show that at our continued rate of consumption, plastic in the oceans will outweigh fish by the year 2050. Rhiannon Moore’s presentation will focus on the current research on plastics in our oceans, the impact to marine wildlife, and solutions to combat the problem. The public is invited to attend this luncheon. Reservations are required by February 15 Reservations: Phone (250) 370-1837 or reserve on Eventbrite
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    “Transforming Lives: Our Place Therapeutic Recovery Community” Special guest speaker Don Evans, Executive Director, Our Place Society Luncheon guests will enjoy a look “behind the scenes” at the new Our Place therapeutic recovery community in View Royal. The facility provides a stable supportive home environment and life skills training for men overcoming homelessness, addiction or incarceration. The public is invited. Reservations are required by January 11. Tickets: Members $30, Guests $35, Phone (250) 370-1837 or reserve on Eventbrite
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    Guest speaker Peter Smither of HeroWork HeroWork inspires volunteers from all walks of life to donate their time and resources to undertake “Radical Renovations” for charitable agencies that operate in some of Victoria’s most dilapidated buildings. Open to the public. Members $30./Guests $35. Reservations by Nov 16. Phone 250 370-1837 or on Eventbrite
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    An inspiring celebration of the season featuring the Tillicum Elementary Choir under the direction of Lena Palermo This special Christmas Tea is open to the public. Reservations by November 26. Members and Guests $50.00 Phone (250) 370-1837 or email Pam Shemilt pshemilt@hotmail.com
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    Canadian Club of Victoria luncheon with Mike Pennock – “Community Health: The Surprising Importance of Happiness” Noted public health epidemiologist Mike Pennock travelled to Bhutan in 2006 and returned with a new approach to measuring community health. Since then he has designed Victoria’s “Happiness Surveys” and has consulted in the US and abroad. His findings are inspiring change – and building happier communities. The luncheon is open to the public. Reservations are required by October 12. Tickets: Members $30, Guests $35 Reservations: Phone (250) 370-1837
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    The Canadian Club of Victoria’s 2018/2019 luncheon series will get off to an uplifting start with special guest speaker Daniel Lapp. As a fiddler, jazz trumpeter and singer/songwriter, he has played on over 100 albums and has performed across Canada and around the world. Members $30./Guests $35. Reserve 250 370-1837 or on Eventbrite by Sep. 17.
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