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Festival of New Works


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Canadian College of Performing Arts:
Festival of New Works
The Festival of New Works is this week! The two-day festival is the culmination of the Year II mentorship program. Students apply for this extra-curricular with a project proposal. Each student is then paired with a faculty member to guide them through their artistic creation project, from preparation to incubation to final presentation. It’s a unique opportunity for students to take on a leadership role by guiding their peers in a field or discipline of their choice
And we are happy to introduce you to the line up!
Thursday April 15 7:30pm
Josie Schmalz (Choreography)
I’d Tap That
Tyrus Williams-Penney (Playwright)
Counting the Days
Adrian Palek (Directing)
content advisory: mature content
Hailey Sabourin (Wardrobe)
Costume Presentation
Jean Hart (Film)
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
content advisory: coarse language
Heather Watt (Playwriting)
Written In These Pages
content advisory: depictions and discussion of substance abuse / addiction, and coarse language
Sara Gargaro (Physical Theatre)
Glass Girl
content advisory: mature content and coarse language
Emma Sainte-Marie (Musical Theatre)
A Siren’s Song
content advisory: mature content 
Madeline Jane (Choreography)
Trophy Wives
content advisory: mature content and coarse language
Nat Glass (Playwriting)
Tripping on a Root
Alison Bendall (Musical Theatre)
A Midsummer Musical
Friday April 16 7:30pm
Mackenzie Langdon (Musical Theatre)
Unsung: The Unknown Villains of History
content advisory: mature content and coarse language
Kane O’Scalleigh (Playwriting)
Greg Murdoch (Directing)
Arabian Nights
Adrian Palek (Playwriting)
The Adventures of Ronald and Finn
Jaren Guerreiro (Stage Combat)
Rules of Engagement
content advisory: depictions of violence and death
Elizabeth Fehr (Playwriting)
Listen to Me
content advisory: coarse language, discussions of sexual assault and rape, depictions and discussions of domestic violence, discussions of sexual assault between minors
Naomi Lorenzo (Physical Theatre)
Tiffany Oud (Physical Theatre)
Don’t Talk About It
Eilidh Tew (Playwriting)
Escaping Average
Cooper Hiebert (Physical Theatre)
Sailing Away
content advisory: mature content and depictions of domestic violence
Behind The Scenes
Abby McCallum (Stage Management), Grace Martin (Stage Management), Leo Livora (ASM / Props), and Hannah Kinch (Lighting).
Special note: as the works are still in process, content advisories are subject to change. The latest updates will be in the digital program provided in advance on the day of the performance.
Livestream admission is by donation. Suggested donation of $10.00 per evening. Ticket sales end 30 minutes before the performance. Please purchase your tickets in advance.
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