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Experimental Handwriting


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Experimental Handwriting (DRWGw178-3)

This workshop will explore different ways you can generate your own forms of experimental handwriting through a series of exercises with mark making, obliteration and the fine art of gestural scribbling. Artists and calligraphers are now exploring ideas around asemic writing – writing without semantic content - but a form which produces powerful visual images. Your new forms of expression could find their home in your paintings and drawings as well as standing on their own as complete works of art. The processes of asemic writing can free you to be playful in making marks and help you discover the joy of creating with simple and unusual tools and materials. Bring eight to ten words – from a poem or prose piece – and these will form the basis for some of the writing. Suitable for beginners.
Mar 15, 2020 Sunday, 1pm - 4pm
Lorraine Douglas
Tuition: $85.00 (3 hrs) (materials included)


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