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Article Comments posted by David Broadland

  1. 18 minutes ago, Stephen Andrew said:

    So as to correct any misconception or interpretation about me that David Broadland makes about me in his article I want to make a few things clear.


    Thank you for your comment. Just to clarify, we learned you were running for a council seat the day this went to press. In any case, I wouldn't have contacted you for comment had I known earlier. Your 2014 interview with Lisa Helps speaks for itself. This story is about Mayor Helps' record, not yours. But I believe your interview of Helps could be useful to voters in terms of comparing what she said in 2014 compared with what she did. I would recommend to voters that they read your interview. That's why you were included.


    My apologies if there's any implication in my story that you interviewed Helps with the idea in mind that you might run for mayor, too, in 2014. That wasn't my intention. At the time, I knew you as a dedicated journalist and believed that would be your path into the future. When you announced you were running for mayor, I was as surprised as anybody.


    You fail to mention above that Focus' Judith Lavoie interviewed you and that your story was on an equal footing with our stories about the other mayoralty challengers.


    I agree with you that you raised questions about Gene Miller's writing following the 2014 election. We listened to you. To the extent that we agreed with you, we have taken a different course this time around.


    Thanks again for your comments, and I wish you the best at the polls.

    David Broadland

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