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  • Beacon Hill Park camping

    Kristina Lium

    What is it going to take for Beacon Hill camping to be banned?


    WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE before you shut Beacon Hill Park down for overnight camping?

    Is it going to be the death of an elderly person? A child playing with a hypodermic needle? Someone being raped?

    I am not being dramatic. I am being serious. Things are getting out of hand. I should know. I have a full frontal view of it from every window. I see a park being destroyed. Laws being broken.

    My home is being threatened daily. There were two break in attempts yesterday. Our doors were tagged. Anything left unlocked is getting stolen. 

    My fiance and I have been verbally threatened on multiple occasions.

    Very sane, kind, intelligent people are losing their marbles in reaction to this craziness.

    Here is what is crazy:

    1. We are not only allowing laws to be broken, but we are also enabling and emboldening people to break even more laws.

    2. Tax paying home owning citizens are needing to spend their days now calling police, and or the bylaw department simply to have a sense of participation—even though, and this is really the crazy part—the police and bylaw officers cannot enforce the laws we have in place for the safety and well being of everyone.

    What is wrong with this picture? Everything!

    3. Allowing chop shops to exist in plain daylight—there’s one at the corner of Park and Heywood in case you want to check it out.

    4. Having people urinate and defecate in public? Really…that is compassionate? To whom?

    5. Having kids watch men wash themselves in the ponds and fountains.

    6. Feeling scared to walk in my own front yard. Feeling afraid to walk in the park.

    7. Watching and knowing the police are not able to do their jobs. This is like living in some futuristic dystopia.

    8. Paying for security guards to follow the City workers to ensure that they are not going to be hurt.

    9. Asking nothing of or from the people we are busy giving our city away to. I am talking about normal accountability.

    10. Continuing on under the guise of fluffy liberal philosophical rhetoric. Theory and real life are not the same thing.

    I understand that we need to deal with our “vulnerable.” I am all in. I always have been. It is in my DNA.

    Allowing laws and trusts literally and figuratively to be broken is not the solution. Not even a partial one.

    It would be like using the gauze part of the bandaid to stop a leak in your perimeter drain. Wrong tool for the job.

    We are all paying too much for too little.

    Please please stop this nonsense before someone gets seriously hurt.

    Kristina Lium

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