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Meganelizabeth Diamond: I’m not sure I know exactly what clouds are


Event details

Deluge Contemporary Art

636 Yates Street, Victoria BC | Wed to Sat, 12 to 5pm | deluge.ca

May 3 to 31, 2024

Opening Friday, May 3, 7 to 10pm

I’m not sure I know exactly what clouds are is a collection of built photographic images and objects, utilizing the sky and clouds to understand the transient nature of photography. Meganelizabeth Diamond experiments with historical and contemporary photographic processes, blending and emphasizing the slippage between them. Cloud formations serve as both subject and metaphor, symbolizing stages of fluidity and grief. To bend the sky, to fold a cloud, to cut through the horizon. Cloud stacks and sky tubes. 

Working at the intersection of photography, collage, new media and moving image, Meganelizabeth Diamond’s practice employs both analog and digital approaches in alternative modes of image building through explorations of the natural world via emotional connectivity, artificiality and perception. 


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