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Crossing: Art, Heritage, and Personal Journeys


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Curated by Dr. Heng Wu, AGGV Curator of Asian Art

Crossing: Art, Heritage, and Personal Journeys delves into the intricate narratives of three remarkable local artists, who and whose family embarked on transformative journeys from Asia to Canada: Yumie Kono, Andy Lou, and Chrystal Phan. This compelling showcase unearths the essence of migration, heritage, and identity, painting a vivid picture of the diverse and enriching experiences that lie at the heart of our multicultural nation.

Exhibition runs until May 26, 2024.

Image Credits (T-B): Andy Lou, Colour of the West Coast (2008) (detail), 27" x 26", Mixed media on ride paper | Chrystal Phan, I have something to tell you (2023) (detail), Plastisial clay, acrylic, nail polish | Yumi Kono, Family Portrait - Mother and Daughter (1977) (detail), 57cm x 77cm (22.5" x 30"). Graphite drawing on paper

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