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The Avenue Gallery – Feature Artist – Lorna Dockstader


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“Several different principles of design combine to create a successful landscape painting. For many years, I've wondered what it might be like to remove the subject matter and just create interesting lines, shapes and colours to describe the feeling of a place. As I began these new abstracts, I thought of summer near the water when we often walk along the shoreline and watch the brilliant white sails of boats, against the cerulean sky and deep indigo of the water. So many shades of blue, looking so fresh beside the pure whites. And so my exploration into abstraction began.” - Lorna Dockstader

View Lorna's paintings online: https://theavenuegallery.com/artists/painters/dockstader-lorna/

The Avenue Gallery, 2184 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria BC V8R 1G3

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