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Jordan Peterson Counter-Event: Unpacking Peterson


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As a response to Jordan Peterson’s speaking event in Victoria BC, the Healthy Masculinity Collective is hosting a free indoor counter-event at the same time as his, on May 19th, 7:30 PST. Our event will be held at the University of Victoria, MacLaurin (MAC) A144, the David Lam Auditorium, while Peterson will be speaking at the Save On Foods Memorial Centre. We will also be posting a video of the event to broaden our audience on these important topics.

Many people—especially men-- initially become interested in Peterson through his self-help content. We will host a discussion panel exploring different approaches to healthy and authentic masculinity, including Peterson’s, and the ethics of self help. Topics will include analysis of self help versus harm, and the ways in which Peterson weaves together practical advice with more contentious, dehumanizing, and problematic viewpoints. Our aim is to take a closer look at Peterson’s teachings to understand the appeal of his ideas about authentic, empowered masculinity, and locate the impacts of his misogyny and transphobia in relation to these. This event will offer alternate perspectives and invite healthy dialogue about how to disentangle masculine empowerment from the misogyny and transphobia Peterson is selling.

We would like for this event to speak to the question: what does masculine trauma look like in cultural patriarchy? How does this tie in with male anger, and what is so appealing about Peterson's rhetoric to men who feel short changed in a culture that, for the most part, centers them? What is this "centering," and does it actually allow for men to show up authentically? Does patriarchy permit men to be fully human? Does feminism? Why are trans and nonbinary identities and freedom of gendered self expression so threatening to "angry" and "outraged" male communities such as incels, and many followers of Jordan Peterson? How might these communities actually perpetrate the very thing they are ultimately angry about?

How do we meet these seemingly dehumanizing juxtapositions with compassion and humanity?

Confirmed Speakers:

• Dr. Simon Glezos

Simon is a professor at UVic from the Political Science Department. His primary focus as a political theorist is on continental thinkers of the 19th and 20th century. Given this theoretical archive, his work engages with many strands in contemporary political theory, including new materialisms, post-structuralism, phenomenology, radical democratic traditions, and contemporary marxist and anarchist theories. In addition, Simon is very interested in post-colonial approaches to political thought, and has increasingly been engaging with comparative and non-western political theories and philosophies.

• Watchfulcoyote

Watchfulcoyote is a TikTok creator (100k+ subscribers) who makes videos with a focus on exploring positive forms of masculinity.

• NotsoErudite

notsoErudite is a feminist Twitch streamer/Tik Tok creator/Youtuber (71K+ subscribers across all her platforms) with a background in psychometrics. She frequently is involved in debates with the manosphere and "red pill" communities.

• William Wilczak

Will is the host of the Philosophy podcast, Existential Will.

The Audience we want to reach:

• people (especially young men) who are struggling but don't know where to turn or who to talk to
• people who have misdirected animosity towards feminism
• people who don't know much about Peterson but maybe think he has some good ideas related to self care
• people who have others in their life who support Peterson and don't know how to navigate that support
• people looking for solidarity and community to stand with against misogyny and bigotry
• people who want to strengthen their arguments against Peterson fans
• moderate Peterson fans who aren't fully convinced of everything he says



(Tickets are optional and the event is 100% free, but reserving ahead of time will guarantee you a spot if we fill up the auditorium.)

We hope to see you there!

-The Victoria Healthy Masculinity Collective

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