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Why This Word: Hou I-Ting, Valentina Jager, Wang Yahui at Deluge Contemporary Art


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Why This Word: Hou I-Ting | Valentina Jager | Wang Yahui

Curated by Jo Ying Peng

July 17 to August 21, 2021


Deluge Contemporary Art

636 Yates Street, Victoria BC

250 385 3327 | deluge.ca

Gallery Hours: Wed to Sat 12 to 4 pm


Why This Word is an exhibition that draws an axis between interpretation and vocalization to deconstruct the act of writing as a way to shape identity. 


The title is inspired by a quote—“the word is my fourth dimension”—in Clarice Lispector’s novel Agua Viva, and partly borrowed from a biography of the author (Why This World, Benjamin Moser, Oxford University Press, 2009). Referencing the looming myths of Lispector’s own life as a means to speak to universal female experiences, Why This Word considers how fractures in the socio-political world may otherwise remain invisible.

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