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Triumph of Light - Paintings by Gillian Redwood


Mark Schmiedl
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This event began 2021-04-03 and repeats every 3 weeks on Sunday and Saturday until 2021-04-18

While the organic cycle makes its inevitable journey through the seasons from dark to light, we struggle to see beyond our masks. Light emerges to a new awakening.  It throws out hope, optimism, humor and creativity on a bleak landscape.

Every winter brings an end to the organic cycle and the dark winter days seem endless. The angle of the light is low, throwing dense shadows. As Spring approaches there is no stopping the light as it permeates every aspect of our being.  The landscape is illuminated by this pure new light.

The emergence of light amid a dark universe is biblical. We are observing this in a broken, corrupt world. This series of paintings display the triumph of light after a long, dark winter.

Artist Talk online: 3pm Saturday, April 10th


Mustard Seed.300dpi.jpeg

Triumph of Light.300dpi.jpg

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