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Backroads & Beyond: Michelle Austen


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Backroads and Beyond

By Michelle Austen

February 18 - March 17

Winchester Galleries is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition Backroads and Beyond, artworks by Michelle Austen. This exhibition is a curated collection of Plein-air paintings of travel experiences along the backroads of British Columbia and Alberta.

Michelle Austen - Carry me away, Oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches

Michelle Austen paints and teaches art in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

She found a love of art at an early age, which she credits to an amazing art teacher that sparked her interest in drawing and painting. It was a love that never ended.

Michelle is a full-time artist and teacher. Her experience comes from over 20 years of mentorship from her art teacher Betty MacDonald and continuous art education. She participates in workshops and courses locally and overseas with many professional artists.

Michelle loves to share her knowledge with her students. Guiding them to build confidence in their creative pursuits and ultimately follow their dreams.

For Michelle, a successful piece is one where energy and life flow; it’s experienced between a 2-dimensional surface and her, and is then spread further to be felt by the viewer.

“Each painting begins with a vision, as it unfolds it reminds me of the constant ebb and flow of life. Teaching me patience, acceptance, and courage to keep exploring.”


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