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    November 02, 2022      November 09, 2022

    Much of Brenda Roy's work explores contrasts in colour and texture: smooth stone and polished metal set off by fused or roller printed textures; the play of colour in unique stone inlays; precious gems and metals paired with rough minerals or broken pottery shards; and contemporary designs that have the feel of ancient artifacts. As one of the few metal artists in the country extensively using stone inlay in her work, she constantly experiments to find unexpected and non-traditional ways of incorporating stone into jewellery pieces.
    "I love to play with the surprise of asymmetrical designs and unexpected material combinations. I believe there is still a place for beautiful, well-made objects and that these objects enrich our lives. A piece of jewellery acquires meaning over time as it develops associations with the stories of our lives, and these acquired meanings are as important for me as the artist’s original concepts." – Brenda Roy
    View online: https://theavenuegallery.com/artists/jewellers/roy-brenda/

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