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    December 07, 2021 03:00 AM      December 10, 2021 03:00 AM

    Victoria Summer Music Festival
    Jonathan Crow and Arthur Rowe
    Phillip T. Young Recital Hall
    Monday, December 6, 7:00 p.m.
    Violin Sonata No. 1 in D major Op. 12, No. 1
    Violin Sonata No. 2 in A major Op. 12, No. 2
    Violin Sonata No. 5 in F major Op. 24 (Spring)
    Tuesday, December 7, 7:00 p.m.
    Violin Sonata No. 3 in E-flat major Op. 12, No. 3
    Violin Sonata No. 4 in A minor Op. 23
    Violin Sonata No. 6 in A major Op. 30, No. 1
    Wednesday, December 8, 7:00 p.m.
    Violin Sonata No. 8 in G major Op. 30, No. 3
    Violin Sonata No. 9 in A major Op. 47 (Kreutzer)
    Thursday, December 9, 7:00 p.m.
    Violin Sonata No. 7 in C minor Op. 30, No. 2
    Violin Sonata No. 10 in G major Op. 96
    Tickets from VSMF Box Office: https://vsmf.org
    Subscription Purchases are discounted by 10% 
    GENERAL $40.00/ SERIES $144.00 / STUDENT $10.00/ SERIES / $36.00
    Paperless entry is encouraged!  It is not necessary to print your tickets!
    Proof of full vaccination is required for all attendees aged 12+.  A non-surgical mask must be worn at all times in public indoor settings and common areas.

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    December 09, 2021 09:00 PM      December 10, 2021 12:00 AM

    This event began 2021-12-09 and repeats every week on Thursday and Saturday until 2022-03-31

    Come to Recyclistas to learn how to safely and effectively maintain, fix, and rebuild bicycles. Whether you are looking to better understand how your own bicycle works, get comfortable doing your own bike repairs, or to completely refurbish and build a bicycle, we are ready to help you get rolling!
    If you want to go into more detail, we also offer a 15-hour Build Your Own Bike Course.
    Course Details
    The 3-hour bike repair class does not have a set curriculum, but are conducted on a bike-by-bike basis so you get to work on what is wrong with your bike. We teach everything from fixing a flat to building a wheel and stock all the new & used parts you might need for your bike repairs (cost of parts is not included in the course fee).
    Unfortunately we are not able to teach suspension overhauls, hydraulic brake bleeding, or any e-bike repairs during the course.
    Register online through our website! https://recyclistas.ca/3-hour-bike-repair-class/

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    December 10, 2021 01:15 AM      02:55 AM

    ASCENSION is an impressionistic portrait of China’s industrial supply chain that reveals the  country’s growing class divide through staggering observations of labor, consumerism and  wealth. The documentary portrays capitalism in China across the levels of its operation, from  the crudest mine to the most rarefied forms of leisure. Accordingly, the film is structured in three  parts, ascending through the levels of the capitalist structure: workers running factory  production, the middle class training for and selling to aspirational consumers, and the elites  reveling in a new level of hedonistic enjoyment. In traveling up the rungs of China’s social  ladder, we see how each level supports and makes possible the next while recognizing the  contemporary “Chinese Dream” remains an elusive fantasy for most.
    Tickets: $13.33 -  https://www.victoriafilmfestival.com/product/ascension/

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    December 10, 2021 04:00 AM      06:10 AM

    The Bat, the Cat, the Penguin
    In the sewers of Gotham City to the rooftops of the Gotham City the penguin wants to know where he came from well in his villain ways catwoman plans to kill rich man of gotham max shreak but as he battles with millionaire Bruce Wayne both ladies men have their own secrets Bruce Wayne is back as Bat man trying to stop the penguin Max is helping penguin steal gotham city while selina Kyle/catwoman tries to help penguin not knowing her man murder target also her murder is helping him but all four men have their goals taking gotham from crime winning Gotham City assassination for two men and more money to be Gotham Citys number one rich man.

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