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Found 7 results

  1. vic storyteller's guild

    Up the Kilt : Calum Lykan is here

    Captivating young and old with stories of dragons, magic, murder and whisky Calum calls himself a " Weaver of Dreams and a Teller of Tales". Injecting his stories with Scottish charm and wit, Up the Kilt puts the RAD in tRADition !!
  2. vic storyteller's guild

    Stories at Fern: 30th Anniversary year

    Every month for the last 30 years we have gathered to share stories, legends, urban myths, folktales and more... We formed a guild back then to learn and practice the art and craft of oral telling, and voila! Of course it helps a great deal if there are people to tell our stories to: Those keen listeners are you, the public. Come on your own or bring a friend along. Refreshments served.
  3. Leslie Campbell

    Early Days of the Provincial Museum

    The Victoria Historical Society presents Flora, Fauna, and Fannin: The Early Days of the Provincial Museum with Patricia Roy on Thursday, January 24, 2019 at James Bay New Horizons, 234 Menzies Street, Victoria V8V 2G7. Doors open at 7:15 pm for refreshments and conversation. A short business meeting at 7:45 pm will be followed immediately by the speaker, Patricia Roy. Admission is free for members, $5 for guests. See websitewww.victoriahistoricalsociety.bc.ca. John Fannin -- adventurer, hunting guide, and taxidermist -- established the natural history collection of the provincial museum. As adventurer and guide he learned about the province’s flora and fauna and became acquainted with major American natural historians. With such knowledge and skills, he laid a firm foundation for today’s Royal British Columbia Museum. Patricia Roy, a past-president of the Victoria Historical Society, recently completed a history of the Royal British Columbia Museum and Archives.
  4. vic storyteller's guild

    RUNNING DEEP: The Power of Water

    CANADIAN STORYTELLING NIGHT : Compelling tales of West Coast lore. Honouring our wild and vital resource, water, members of Victoria Storyteller's Guild and special friends from the Maritime Museum of BC and S.A.L.T.S will regale you with stories of ⛵shipwrecks and more... Refreshments served VSG poster.pdf
  5. vic storyteller's guild

    Stories at Fern

    Adventures unfold as tales are told, In Nonsense Verse or much much worse. Whatsoever you'd prefer to hear, Faerie blessings or a curse, We may deliver to your ear, If you are here to hear. Stories told by members of Victoria Storyteller's Guild and friends Refreshments served. $5 / $3 Please visit www.victoriastorytellers.org
  6. vic storyteller's guild

    Stories JUST SO in June

    This, our last gathering until next fall And just when you think you've heard it all Along comes a tale that takes a brand new turn At the Storyteller's Guild stories are told Not by reading yet not word for word Not memorized, so, how are they learned? Could it be magic do you suppose? Best come check it out Monday JUST SO You'll know what goes on at STORIES at FERN
  7. vic storyteller's guild

    Stories at Fern

    Legends, folktales, ancient myths or urban myths are told in the oral tradition of storytelling. Members of Victoria Storyteller's Guild and friends invite you to sit back and enjoy. Refreshments served. $5 / $3