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  1. With all the energy Ms. Brett puts into spreading misleading statistics and agitating vulnerable people she could have used it to carry her own weight in the world. She is not advocating for treatment for drug addiction and mental health issues, she advocates for free housing with no expectations. Countries that have found solutions for their populace, who because of addictions and mental health issues found themselves homeless, have not just housed people with no expectations. People need structure and goals to achieve. Wanting someone to continue harming themselves is obviously a sociopathic agenda. Ms. Brett appears to be anti-social and sounds more like she is intent on a personal vendetta against society than truly helping people who are suffering. Social terrorism is not the way to get help for a minority group. When you threatened people so that the majority do not feel safe then that will not serve your cause. in addition every time a person identified as homeless is housed more people come to BC to replace that person on the streets. Seriously wrong message being sent. I know of two teenage boys who don’t want to follow rules at home that are saying they will move to a ‘tent city’ just so they can do what they want.
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