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  1. It's quite common and in fact routine for developers to sit on the ADP. They just do not hear individual applications by their own people. And besides the ADP is really a formality as they are more akin to cheerleaders of the projects. They merely make suggestions and rarely vote against a project unless it's just completely wrong, contrary to the OCP or something like that. SO MJ of Aryze was not on the panel for 902 FB. There are many other issues with Aryze and this project in particular but this isn't one of them. Thanks.
  2. Affordable housing needed, but also trees We agree there is an urgent need for affordable housing in Victoria. However, who would find the planned townhouses affordable? Left out of the equation is the urgent need to retain mature trees, like the 24 to be removed from that site. Recent news reports that increased greenhouse gases being released from quickly melting Arctic permafrost were not included in calculations of how quickly the planet is warming. So we have less than 10 years to take the “drastic actions” urged by the hundreds
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