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  1. Hi David, One aspect of the complex you have overlooked is the whole deciduous-elimination side of the equation. Have you seen Steve Cummings 2001 study showing conifer burn 800-900% more than aspen forests? When you get to quesnel and points north, aspen elimination is a huge part of the forest practice. Places where aspen was removed that have burnt compared to places where the aspen wasn’t brushed and survived, are apparent in places like the Bobtail Burn. 30% of every hectare planted in Omineca district is brushed, manually or chemically, to eliminate fire resistant broadleaf. And this is an accepted practice taught in schools and universities and is never criticized by these institutions. Lori Daniels on the other hand has spoken out about this. Some journalists have zeroed in on this, Bethany Lindsay for example. You need to include this practice in your analysis.
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