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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful article on wildfires, forest management and carbon dynamics. I note that you quoted me—rather, one reporter's quotes from a 45 minute conversation with me—and then proceed to describe me as part of the forest-industrial complex that is attempting to divert attention away from real issues. I believe you have unfairly misrepresented me, my research, and that of the many students who work with me at the University of British Columbia. You implied that I am biased, while you showed contempt towards me and my research, having never contacted me. In future, I invite you to read the my publicly-stated wildfire and forest management policy recommendations, as well as the scientific journal and popular science articles I have written. Please take the time to view videos of my public presentations or listen to the many podcasts and interviews featuring my research on wildfires, forest dynamics, and their management implications. Or better yet, contact me directly and talk to me about the very very complex challenges our society faces as we transform forest management, learn to coexist with wildfire, and adapt to climate change. I welcome constructive criticism of my research, its implications and the science-based changes to policy and practice that I advocate. However, I request that journalists be respectful and do their due diligence by speaking to me directly.
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