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  1. I take issue with the notion that tourism will sustain us into the future. If the science is to be believed then the shit will hit the fan in 10 years transforming the world as we know it. Tourism with passenger jets will be one of the first things to go by the wayside because air travel is a non essential service for most people, so say goodbye to the tourism dollars. Then all those good trees will eventually burn as the heating planet really reaches our shores. Whenever the subject of BC's trees comes up the fact of our bleak future are glossed over in favour of saving the past with wonderful anecdotes that pull at the heartstrings but really have no bearing on the impending future.
  2. Ecosystems are going to disappear because of the impending climate disaster. Better get your tears ready. Stephen Hume sure knows how to pull on your emotional heartstring as he tries to save the past, but he won't be able to since we are doing diddlysquat about our insatiable appetite for fossil fuels.
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