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    Zebra Art Collective at the Chapel Gallery. November 22 - December 14, 2019 In Light of Winter: nine artists paint midwinter. Opening is Friday Nov 22, 6-8pm Artist’s Talk at 6:15pm The Chapel Gallery at St Matthias Church, 600 Richmond Ave, Victoria. Gallery Hours: Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday 10am-2pm. Artists in Attendance View preview and photos here: http://www.artopenings.ca/zebrachapel.html
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    Wood and Water: Tranquil Moments at Cedar Hill Arts Centre Main Gallery October 22 - November 10, 2019. Wood and Water: Tranquil Moments will include guest artists, students from Joanne’s classes. Opening Reception: Saturday Nov 2, 1-5pm with demonstrations. Preview with photos and story here: http://www.artopenings.ca/joanne-thomson.html
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    Heather Midori Yamada presents “Found" The “art of becoming” is a central theme in the creative outpourings of Heather Midori Yamada. “Nothing is certain in my art practice,” says the artist, “not knowing and understanding is part of my process and ongoing journey.” If Yamada is unsure about the artwork’s meaning and direction, she will let it sit. Often for decades. Each segment has a history which stays hidden until called up. The unfolding piece involves a relationship, between her, the maker, and the artwork coming into existence. By recombining and rearranging elements new meanings come forward. They become “found” moments in time. Preview with photos and story here http://www.artopenings.ca/yamada19.html
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    Haren Vakil & Greg Glover at the Gage Gallery Preview with photos and story here: http://www.artopenings.ca/vakil-glover.html Gage Gallery member Haren Vakil and his invited guest Greg Glover have a lot in common. They met at meetings of the Island Illustrators Society and shared their views on art, politics and the nature of reality. In 2015 they collaborated on an artwork for In Cahoots (Synergy) art show at the Slide Room Gallery. In Wayfarers, Glovers photography and computer graphics added another dimension to Vakil’s boating story. Both men share an upbeat curiosity about the minutiae of existence, and the creative energy to express myriad ideas.
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