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  1. I ‘m from Peru and have a 42 years old son diagnosed with a squizoaffective mental condition. For 25 years he has been trough almost 13 involuntary cimmitments due to his refusing antipsychotic medicación. We his patents have try all alternative treatments Dr. Moncrieff suggests in you article and much more (our son is a good surfer ), but none has been effective by itself without a good antipsichotic taken after tríal & error and trial & error and the fundamental family support and love. I’m a continuos follower of Dr. Moncrieff twitters and I agree with his asertion that depresión - I would add Also schizophrenia and some other mental conditions ”are responses to things that happen in people’s lives”, but I think the whole argument of Dr.Moncrieff rejecting the “ Brain chemical imbalance” is misdealing The fact that we as a society are far from coping our intrinsic failure to change the “things” that are disturbing people living in peace toward others. thanks
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