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  1. Thanks for the clarification - I wonder what capital assets they purchase each year with that $480,000? That presentation to Victoria Council is pretty bleak, especially the "survey" - I don't consider a survey of 500 random people with a bunch of obviously leading questions to be very indicative of anything (and I am a firm believer in democracy, too - go figure). Full disclosure: I am a 29-year veteran musician of the Victoria Symphony and president of a national organization of symphonic musicians, and I have seen this scenario play out in similar fashion across the country. We all pay
  2. Great article; a really great summary of the situation as it has unfolded. I have one question though: where do you get the figure of $580,000 for the municipal support of the theatre? According to the RMTS's own on-line annual reports, the amount the three municipalities (Victoria, Oak Bay, Saanich) contribute to the Royal is only $100,000, and Victoria alone contributes $350,000 annually to the McPherson Playhouse. Is there another $480,000 coming in some form that doesn't appear on their financial statements?
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