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    Many of us don't give a second thought to the ground beneath our feet and its origins, given its apparent permanence and stability. However, the histories of majestic mountains and mundane pebbles tell of fantastical, wondrous and awe-inspiring events that led to their creation. Mass Movement is an exhibition that challenges our perception of the familiar landscapes that we inhabit and reveals the mystery and drama beneath our feet. The exhibit consists of a series of drawings that incorporate elements of photographs, maps and geological diagrams to explore geological processes and rock formations. Opening: April 5, 2019, 7-9 p.m. Artist Talk: 1 p.m., Sunday, April 14, 2019
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    Opening: Friday, March 1, 7-9pm Regular Gallery hours : Saturdays and Sundays 11am until 4pm. This body of work comes from the artist’s interest in exploring the structure of looking. It questions what it means to look at images in today’s chaotic, consumer-driven visual environment. One strategy employed is to reduce the elements of the paintings to cut through the noise of everyday imagery. Marks are used as building blocks; repeating them to create a weave, net, or field of positive and negative information. This repetitive process creates an image that denies hierarchy (narrative) or inspiration (the grand gesture). It emphasizes labour (process) and touch (the artist’s hand).
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