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  1. The things we love about Victoria FOCUS MAGAZINE is holding a year-long photography contest. We're inviting you to show us the things you love about Victoria. In the photostream to the right you'll find photos of a few of the "things" our staff love about Victoria—just to give you some idea of the variety of subjects at which you might aim your camera or phone. Each month we will pick 3 photographs from those submitted that will go on a shortlist. On May 1, 2019 we will pick the winner from the 36 short-listed photographs. The winner will receive a prize of $500 and will be featured in Focus Magazine. You can enter as many photographs as you want. Monthly and final selections will be based on a combination of reader ratings and input from our crack team of long-time professional photographers. If you would like to help us rate the photos, just sign in (or register) and fire away! Show us the things you love about Victoria. To submit a photo is easy—just click here. Please include a short paragraph on why the subject in the photograph is one of the things you love about Victoria.
  2. Focus staff

    Golfing in January

    Eat your heart out Alberta. This is Victoria in January. It's like this all winter long. It never snows and hardly rains at all. If you lived here, you would already be golfing. (By the way, this is the Victoria Golf Club, founded in 1893.)
  3. Focus staff

    Tulip gardeners in Oak Bay

    I love this over-the-top tulip display on Beach Drive in Oak Bay. The efforts of the gardeners who live in that house bring a lot of smiles to people who pass by at just the right time of year.
  4. Focus staff

    Neighbourhood book exchanges

    I love the variations in construction of these mini lending libraries. The've sprouted up all over Victoria. There's bound to be one near you. You'll find a map of the exchanges here. Photograph the one nearest you and send it to us using the "The things we love about Victoria" button on the navigation menu.
  5. Focus staff

    Victoria voters

    Victoria was the first Canadian city to elect a Green member of parliament. Then it was the first city to elect a Green MLA. I love the fact that our politics are so deeply entangled with our sense of stewardship of this place.
  6. Focus staff

    Walking on the breakwater

    When the Victoria Harbour Authority installed an aluminum railing on both sides of the Ogden Point breakwater, I thought they had wrecked the experience of a walk on the breakwater. But now thousands of more Victorians—feeling safer with the railing—are making the trek out to the benches at the end. People-watching on the breakwater has become a new favourite pastime.
  7. One thing I love about Victoria is the people who dig up their front lawns and re-wild them with native plants, like these shooting stars and fawn lilies. This front yard is near Camosun College's Lansdowne campus.
  8. I love this new addition to Victoria's downtown. The building was designed by D'Ambrosio Architecture + Urbanism, which also designed, for example, the Atrium Building on Yates at Blanshard. 754 & 760 Pandora was built by Campbell Construction for Jawl Properties. I find this side of the project the most appealing. Notice the variation in planes on this side. It would have been so much easier to design and build a flat-sided wall for all 13 stories, but the project made this wonderfully complex and interesting building instead. Just out of sight on this side of the building is an elevator shaft whose up and down travels are visible from Pandora. Bravo to all involved! Looking forward to D'Ambrosio's next project in Victoria.